Henry Jenkins Community Share Ownership Investigation

The Save the Henry Jenkins Group is launching a investigation into the Community Ownership option for the Henry Jenkins.

The growing number of successful community owned Pubs (over 50) and community owned village shops (over 300) in the UK , show the viability of the community ownership option.
There is also specific government and social enterprise assistance now available for launching community share ownership of Pubs.

In order to see the viability and practicality of this option for the Henry Jenkins, we are undertaking an investigation into this option.

It is specifically for The Henry Jenkins, but research will also be into its use for other Pubs and community properties in the area.

Research will be in 2 phases, the first phase is Research and information gathering and the second phase is a more detailed report on the idea.

Research would be in 2 main areas;
Firstly, the structure, funding and practical aspects of the community Pub ownership option and how it could apply to The Henry Jenkins and other Pubs and community services in the area..

Secondly, an extension of the community ownership model to a “Community Hub”where a wider range of services is put under the Pub roof.
Again, specifically aimed at The Henry Jenkins, but also examining how it would apply to other Pubs and community services in the area.

The research will be put online on the Henry Jenkins Website to be available publicly. (Any personal research will be anonymous and collated for general results unless otherwise agreed.).

We aim to collate all effects of the community Pub idea, both good and bad, to fully examine this option.

If you are interested in helping in this research, or have input (both good and bad), please contact us on community@thehenryjenkins.com

Kevin Ison
Save the Henry Jenkins Group