Misleading Information posted on Henry Jenkins building – clarification



Misleading information about the future of the Henry Jenkins has been posted on the front windows of the building by the owner, David Fielder. The true situation is outlined below:

The Plunkett Foundation 

This is the Government-backed charity that hands out grants and provides expert advice for community buyouts. It is suggested by Mr Fielder that plans being progressed by the Henry Jenkins Community Co-op for the purchase and regeneration of the Henry Jenkins do not qualify for support because there is already pub in the village (the Queens) as well as other facilities. This is not correct. The Plunkett Foundation has recognised the HJCC as a genuine and properly-constituted community group and confirmed in writing that it  “qualifies for fully-funded support.”  Plunkett has already approved a £2,500 bursary to enable a community bid and has allocated us a specialist adviser with experience of setting up numerous Community Hubs around the country. Plunkett has also confirmed that HJCC is eligible to apply for up to £100,000 in grants and loans towards the purchase of the Henry Jenkins. This does not prevent HJCC from also applying for grants from other organisations including the Heritage Lottery Fund. We are proposing the regeneration of the Henry Jenkins as a Community Hub that would complement existing facilities – not compete with them. This is in line with Plunkett’s advice.

Asking price for the Henry Jenkins 

The owner, who bought the Henry Jenkins for £150,000 in 2012, has set the asking price at £450,000 – despite the fact that it is now severely degraded. He has also insisted he will not allow internal inspection/ survey without payment of a £1,000 fee. We will not be paying an inspection fee and our agent has been instructed to prepare a detailed Valuation Report based on external inspection, market conditions and other publicly available information.

Alleged offers for the purchase of the Henry Jenkins 

The owner claims to have received offers for the purchase of the Henry Jenkins. If this is true, prospective purchasers should be aware that the entire curtilege of the property is listed as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) under the terms of the 2011 Localism Act.  This means it cannot be sold as anything other than a public house for four and a half years. If at any time in the future its status as an ACV is removed, we will immediately reapply for listing. Prospective purchasers should also be aware that planning permission for the demolition of the Henry Jenkins/ redevelopment of the site was unanimously refused by Harrogate Borough Council’s Planning Committee on February 28th. One of the reasons for refusal was that councillors were not persuaded that a genuine attempt had been made to sell the property as a public house. If it becomes apparent that the owner has continued to reject reasonable offers for the purchase and regeneration of the Henry Jenkins as a public house – including offers from HJCC – it is difficult to see how councillors’ concerns will be allayed in the event of any future planning application.

In the coming months the Henry Jenkins Community Co-op will be carrying out full consultations with residents of Kirkby Malzeard and surrounding parishes over options for the purchase and regeneration of the Henry Jenkins as a Community Hub.