Parish leaflet

A new Henry Jenkins Information leaflet will be posted through every letterbox in our entire Parish this weekend.

In briefly outlines the aims and aspirations of our campaign to date, how our CBS is properly constituted and includes an invitation and information of how to join us by purchasing community shares.

The is a section explaining the ethos behind the “Community Pub’; why there are so many of them now and how they can succeed so strongly when other, driven-for-profit, owned-by-large-pub-companies, cannot.

A separate section also outlines the importance of objecting to the latest Planning Application which is designed to remove any vestige of hope in saving our precious local.
Our Henry Jenkins is not just any old pub – it is an ancient jewel which has served our community for over 250 years and with your help, and our ambition, will do so for another 250.

We can only scratch the surface of so many areas with one printed leaflet but we have done our best. If you know of anyone who does not have a leaflet, please get them one – either a copy of your own, or let us know and we will provide. And we can provide instant information and feedback by email on HJCPLtd@gmail or by phone 07860 396170.

Spread the news! We need a choice of pubs in our lovely village.