Pictures of damage done to Henry Jenkins interior and exterior

With the Owner’s permission, we inspected the Henry Jenkins to see the condition it is in and what would would need to be done to return it back to a Pub or other facility.

We took some pictures and you can find them on the website in the Resources section here –

The owner had said he was prepared to look at an offer from a community group in the future, so a record of the existing condition is needed to assess possible refurbishment costs.

Bar area
Bar area

We were shocked by the extent of damage, and considering that it was meant to be for sale as a running Pub, were surprised to see that all Pub rooms were stripped and even upstairs accommodation kitchen, bathroom and walls removed.

Stripping out the Pub, while tragic for those who used to drink there, did, however, allowed us to see an open plan of the interior and may help to plan for future use design if the Pub is saved from demolition.

It also allowed us to assess the structural integrity,which still looks sound with some cracking in the exterior walls caused by the use of cement based mortar for pointing which is fairly easily repaired with removal and re pointing with a lime based mortar.

Other parts of the building can be refurbished and brought back to life, although it will take time and money.

Please Help!!

If you feel passionate to Save the Henry Jenkins after seeing the pictures on the website, then help out by considering attending the Saturday gathering or the actual planning meeting.
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