A planning application was made to the Harrogate Borough Council to convert part of the Henry Jenkins Inn into a dwelling.
The new planning application accompanied the splitting of the property and selling of one part to a new owner.

18/01087/FUL | Conversion of part of a public house and flat to create 1 no. dwelling. | The Henry Jenkins Inn Main Street Kirkby Malzeard Ripon North Yorkshire HG4 3RY

You can view the planning application on the Council site at –

The planning application received 62 letters or emails of objections and 3 supporting.

The selling of a landlocked portion of the Pub and this immediate planning application was a shock to many who were following the events at the Henry Jenkins.
With an  “Asset of Community Value (ACV) over it, it was thought that it would be against the law to split it and sell a portion. But not so.
And not only does the legislation allow selling of a portion of a ACV property, the portion sold loses its ACV!

Fortunately, the Harrogate Borough Council refused the application.



The applications was refused.

The decision notice from Harrogate Borough Council states:

“The proposal would result in the loss of a community facility (public house) thereby reducing the variety of locally based community facilities to the detriment of meeting the present and future social needs and aspirations of this rural community.”

It adds: “No evidence has been submitted to demonstrate that the existing or alternative community use would cause unacceptable planning problems, that a satisfactory replacement facility is provided, or that there is no reasonable prospect of the use continuing on a viable basis or of a satisfactory alternative community use being secured.”



You can obtain all documents from the Harrogate Borough council planning portal at the link above.
We also downloaded the more important documents to this website and you can view them from the links below.

Planning site notice
This is a pdf copy of the site notice you often see attached to the building to indicate a planning application for that building  – Second planning site notice

Locality Plan
The map of the main street showing the location of the plot within the Henry Jenkins Inn – Second planning location plan

Basic development plan
Simple plan of the development proposal showing the whole Inn and the portion under the application – Plan of Development

Photographs of site showing proposed  proposed development
– 1 – Application building from the front right
– 2 – Application building from the front left
– 3 – Rear of application section
– 4 – Rear of application looking over remainder of Inn

Agents Submissions to HBC planners
The following is submissions, letters submitted by the Agent in support of the application to change use to residential.
– First agents letter – This letter ?? – First agents letter
– Second agents letter – This letter ?? – Second agents letter
– Third agents letter – This letter ?? – Third agents letter

Harrogate Borough Council Planners letters to agent
– First planners letter – This leter ??? – First planners letter
– Second planners letter – This letter ?? – Second planners letter
– Third planners letter – This letter ?? – Third planners letter

Parish Council Comments
Here are the comments about the developments by the Parish Council – Parish Council Comments (pdf)

Summary of the case and decision
This is a detailed letter that gives the case details and the reasons for the decision not to allow the development of the property in question. – Summary of application and decision

Planning notice after decision
This is just the site notice that states the planning application was rejected – Site notice showing refusal



Plan of the property showing where the ares the planning application applies to

















Photograph showing the portion of the Henry Jenkins affected by the application