Want to help Save the Henry Jenkins? Become an Associate Member!

The HJCP Ltd is proud to announce the launch of our Associate Membership scheme, for people who would like to support the campaign to Save the Henry Jenkins without the requirement to invest in shares.

An Associate Member increases support for the campaign and receives regular updates and newsletters issued by the society .

Once the pub has been bought, an Associate Member will be invited to provide support in other ways, perhaps by gardening or wielding a saw or a paintbrush during the refurbishment!

Associates are not shareholders so may not vote in shareholders meetings but may attend such meetings by invitation. They may convert to Full Membership at any time by subscribing for shares.

Our Rules and Business Plan always anticipated an Associate Membership scheme but plans for a Spring launch were delayed by Covid-19 restrictions and because these restrictions seem set to continue, we feel that now is the right time.

We hope you will join us by clicking this link and look forward to welcoming you into the Henry Jenkins Community Pub Ltd, Community Benefit Society.