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North Yorkshire Council rejects planning application for holiday cottage!

In a 3-1 vote by Councillors (Chairman abstaining) the recent application to develop a holiday cottage from the old building on the land of the Henry Jenkins Pub was refused.

Many thanks to all the supporters who objected and helped show the Councilors the local support for development of the Henry Jenkins as a community Pub.

The Skipton & Ripon planning committee heard from Richard (Sadler) and Jane (Aksut) as representatives for the Henry Jenkins Community Pub group who argued that the development of the cottage would make it un-viable to run the Pub, particularly since the car park would be taken away. They also noted that delivery of beer would not be possible. An important component of a viable pub!

David Fielder, the owner of the land, retaliated by arguing that the piggery had not been part of the Pub and it should be allowed to be developed as a cottage.

There was discussion about the merits of developing the cottage and countered by talk on the effect it would have on the possible future Pub opening and the final decision was made after much discussion.

The actual reason for refusal was –
“It is considered that the loss of the application site would cause demonstrable harm to the prospect of the Henry Jenkins site continuing as a community facility and therefore approval would be contrary to Policy HP8: Protection and Enhancement of Community Facilities in that there would be no reasonable prospect of the facility being used viably.”

At this stage it is not known if the applicant will submit another application or take this to appeal.

The Henry Jenkins Community Pub group is still hoping to continue negotiations with the owner for purchase of the Pub as a whole to bring it back to community use.

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Crown Inn Grewelthorpe accepts offer from private buyer and not community group

“Friends of The Crown” announced that Admiral Taverns have accepted an offer for The Crown Inn from a private bidder and not the offer made by the community association.

The bidder has informed Admiral it intends to reopen the pub shortly after completion of the sale.

The Friends Of The Crown will pause their efforts but will not stop altogether until the completion of the sale has been confirmed. They feel the work of the last few months has not been wasted in that, should this situation arise again in the future, they now have the knowledge and experience to react quickly.

This does show the severe limitations of the ACV (Asset of Community Value) in that the owner of the Pub that has an ACV can simply wait to the end of the period the community group is allowed to make an offer and then put it on the open market. 

The Friends Of The Crown is a company limited by guarantee and run by six directors who are local to Grewelthorpe.

For more information see –

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Object to the new Henry Jenkins planning application NOW!

The NEW final date for objections is 3rd November 2023

A successful Planning Application will put our fantastic award from the Levelling Up Fund in danger!
If we can’t spend it on the Henry Jenkins we will lose it altogether!

And this Application would not leave enough space on the site for a pub.


The Planning Application Reference is: ZC23/03121/FUL

Go directly to the North Yorkshire Council website page and see the application and register your objection.

A qr code on a white background

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Or scan this QR Code to go direct to the planning application.

Have a quick view of the application to convert the outbuildings to a cottage on this website.

We have a page of information to help you make your objection.

If you are having trouble registering your objection on the North Yorkshire Council website then you can also simply send an email using this email address – with the following at the top of the email –
“Objection to ZC23/03121/FUL Henry Jenkins Planning Application”

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3rd Nov 2023 – New Final Submission Date for Objections Confirmed

After some confusion as to the final submission dates, HBC (now NYC) have confirmed that it is now set as 3rd November 2023.

HJCP sent a number of questions to the Council about the delay in posting up the Green Notices by the building; why planning tracking requests were not activated and why neighbours were not contacted – all reasons why confusion reigned as to the final submission date for objections on the website.

The council responded by stating that the date interested residents should take note of is the one on the Green Notices – 3rd November.

At the time of writing, on the Planning Portal, there are 74 letters of objection set against 2 in support.

This extension now allows us to push on and increase our total. This will indicate, to the council, the strength of local public opinion. 

So, if you have not forwarded your objection yet – please do so now!

The reference is: ZC23/03121/FUL

Follow this link :

or scan the QR code below

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A few Points to consider (but best to use your own words)

  • This is part of long-term strategy by the owner (Mr Fielder) and his business associate (Mr Claybourn) to divide the pub and sabotage plans for a community buyout
  • If this application were granted, it’s hard to see how the Jenks could function again as a pub with a large part of the beer garden/ car park taken up as a holiday cottage. 

If this application were granted, it would be impossible for staff, customers or delivery vehicles to access the rear of the building. 

Rejuvenation of the Jenks as a community-owned pub would provide a greater choice of facilities in this fast expanding village and help other local business – eg  shops, b&bs, camp sites etc 

  • A community-owned Henry Jenkins pub, bistro and coffee shop would help attract sustainable tourism from walkers and cyclists. It is part of wider plans being discussed for the economic regeneration of rural areas around Ripon
  • A community-owned Henry Jenkins could support youth initiatives, help combat rural isolation and help build community spirit


2023 Annual General Meeting for the Henry Jenkins Community Pub – Report out now

Out now is a report from the important 2023 HJCP AGM.
Discussed was; The LevellingUp grant of £330,000, Quiet year with little financial activity and most activity countering planning applications, Guest speaker was Carol Wilkinson, from the Travellers Rest pub, Skeeby discussing finally purchasing their Pub after initiating the Compulsory Purchase Order process, Inspirational speeches from Jane Aksut & Richard Hughes, Committee resigns and election of a new committee.

Read the full report here

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Parish leaflet

A new Henry Jenkins Information leaflet will be posted through every letterbox in our entire Parish this weekend.

In briefly outlines the aims and aspirations of our campaign to date, how our CBS is properly constituted and includes an invitation and information of how to join us by purchasing community shares.

The is a section explaining the ethos behind the “Community Pub’; why there are so many of them now and how they can succeed so strongly when other, driven-for-profit, owned-by-large-pub-companies, cannot.

A separate section also outlines the importance of objecting to the latest Planning Application which is designed to remove any vestige of hope in saving our precious local.
Our Henry Jenkins is not just any old pub – it is an ancient jewel which has served our community for over 250 years and with your help, and our ambition, will do so for another 250.

We can only scratch the surface of so many areas with one printed leaflet but we have done our best. If you know of anyone who does not have a leaflet, please get them one – either a copy of your own, or let us know and we will provide. And we can provide instant information and feedback by email on HJCPLtd@gmail or by phone 07860 396170.

Spread the news! We need a choice of pubs in our lovely village.

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Congratulations! Black Lion, Skelton-on-Ure

The HJCP Ltd would like to send warmest congratulations to Johnathon Mosley & Richard Wall and the amazing team of people at the Black Lion pub, Skelton who have also just won funding from the government’s Levelling-up fund. We look forward to being some of the first people to enjoy a good beer in great company from what will be a great and prosperous community pub! For further information to invest in community shares (!) – visit

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Pamphlet on AGM and objecting to new planning application – Final Submission date 13th October!

The HJCP has released a pamphlet outlining information about the latest, including the AGM, objecting to the planning application and the great news about a big boos to funding. Check it out below.

Click through to download the Word version

Information on the planning application

Page with information to help you object to the planning application

Pamphlet on AGM and objecting to new planning application – Final Submission date 13th October! Read More »

Henry Jenkins Annual General Meeting – Monday 9th October 2023

The AGM will be held on 19.00 hours on Monday 9th October in the main hall of the Mechanics Institute and we urge the membership to attend, at this pivotal point of our campaign to ‘Save the Henry Jenkins’

The Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary will firstly present their annual reports.

Then, the Community Ownership Fund Award of £330,000 and how it affects our campaign now, and in the future, will be discussed.

Dates for initial discussions with North Yorkshire Council about obtaining a Compulsory Purchase Order on the site have been agreed and the membership will be brought up-to-date on this.

Carole Wilkinson from the Travellers Rest in Skeeby has kindly agreed to be our guest speaker. Skeeby’s story is similar to our own but their fantastic new community pub is up and running!

Questions, on any topic, will be warmly welcomed and full responses given by the committee.

Tea and Coffee will be served.

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Government Funding approved!

Great news for the campaign to purchase and develop the Henry Jenkins as a community owned Pub.
As part of the government’s levelling up funding, the Henry Jenkins Community Pub has been awarded a grant of up to £330,000 to help with the purchase and refurbishment of the project.
This is a massive boost for the campaign and while there is more work to be done, it is a very positive move for the campaign.

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