A new planning application to convert outbuildings to form holiday cottages

A new planning application for the Henry Jenkins Inn has been made by Justin Claybourn for conversion of outbuildings to form a holiday cottage.

ZC23/03121/FUL | Conversion of vacant/redundant outbuildings to form 1no. holiday cottage including external alterations. | The Former Henry Jenkins Inn (Part) Main Street Kirkby Malzeard North Yorkshire

You can view the full application by going to the Planning Section of the North Yorkshire Council website.

To make it easier we have assembled the documents on this website. Click through to Planning application – Convert outbuildings to form holiday cottages

We have also put up a page to show you how to object with some pointers on what to put in your objection.

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ACV application refused

The Harrogate Borough Council have chosen to refuse an Asset of Community Value (ACV) listing for a fourth time.

The Henry Jenkins was originally listed as an ACV in 2017 but the council decided to delist the eastern half of the building when the owner sold this part to a business associate.
The eastern part of the pub was delisted last year because five years had elapsed.

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How to Object to the Latest Planning Application

The owner of the Henry Jenkins has put in yet another application to try to convert the Henry Jenkins into houses.

The village centre Henry Jenkins has stood the test of time for hundreds of years and the local community are supporting its purchase as a community owned Pub and Hub that would be able to be of huge benefit to the Kirkby Malzeard and surround communities for hundreds of years to come.

To object to this latest planning application, you will first need to be registered with Harrogate Borough Council.
(You just need to enter your address and email so they can confirm you live in the HBC area.)
Click here to register your name

Once you have registered, then you can go to the planning application and register your objections

Click here to go to the planning application and leave your comments

(Click on the “Comments” tab, and then “Make a Comment”)

Below are some points you may wish to consider when making your comments.

  • The Henry Jenkins has been at the heart of the village for more than 250 years and is an intrinsic part of Kirkby’s history, character and culture. If we allow it to go, it will be gone forever

  • HJCP has already raised more than £230K in community share purchases. With HBC’s support we –​ like another community pub project in a very similar situation to ours –​ could qualify for another £250k​​ from the Government’s Community Ownership Fund.

  • The case for having a community-owned pub and restaurant in Kirkby has become even stronger because of greater appreciation of the importance of community facilities in the wake of the pandemic. Having a nice place where villagers can meet up, eat, drink and socialise promotes friendship, new clubs and societies and helps combat social isolation.

  • The village is expanding fast, more people are working from home and the need for a wider range of facilities is greater than ever.

  • The Queens is an important part of our community, but a second pub would offer residents choice, draw in visitors, participate in events that benefit all local businesses and share the cost and organisation of village celebrations.​ There is room for two different pubs, and a community pub would benefit all other hospitality venues because the community pub’s whole aim is to benefit the community.​

  • Community pubs are owned by local people, run for local people and all profits come back to the community. More and more of them are being set up and not a single one has failed.

  • Having a second pub and restaurant would create jobs and help local businesses – including the Queens – by attracting more visitors to the village. There is increasing demand for more facilities from walkers and cyclists.

  • A community pub could also provide other facilities such as a coffee shop and bakery linked to the village shop, a micro-library, a conference room with LCD display screens for local business people.

  • The only reason the pub has stood empty for so long is the owner’s intransigence. He’s failed to properly market it as a pub, allowed it to fall into disrepair and refused repeated offers by prospective purchasers wanting to bring it back as a pub. He’s attempted to further undermine the pub’s viability by selling off part of the pub to his business associate.

  • This stalemate could be resolved by HBC through the issue of a compulsory purchase order for the entire pub. Councils have powers to do this where community facilities are under threat.

  • It is HBC policy (Policy HP8) to protect pubs in rural areas unless there is no reasonable prospect of them continuing. In this case there is every prospect of it continuing. We have nearly 200 members who’ve promised to buy shares – we just need HBC’s help to stop a private developer depriving of us of something that would benefit the whole village and bring people closer together.

With your help we can keep the dream alive of a revitalised Henry Jenkins owned by the community for the community!

Thank you for your continued support.

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Tragic Accident

You may not have heard this tragic news. Early Wednesday evening, Lucie, daughter of Rocky and Sue from the Queens Head pub, was involved in a terrible accident on the Grantley Road. After a car breakdown, she was struck by tractor and trailer and suffered life-threatening injuries. To save her life, which still hangs in the balance, the surgeons have been forced to amputate her right leg which, with other injuries, will consign her to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Lucie is a lovely, sweet, friendly, talented young lady and this is an awful, tragic incident which is almost too dreadful to even think about. A fund-raising page has been launched to assist the family in this hour of need.

Clicking on the link will take you directly to the Go Fund Me site – please donate!

 Fund for Lucie!



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Planning Inspector – Decision

The Decision of the Planning Inspector on Justin Claybourne’s Appeal has now been uploaded to this website for your information.

Please navigate to ‘Information’ and then ‘Key Documents’, scroll down past the Membership Application Forms to the end and then click on the link.  The document will open in a new window.

The Management Team are happy to receive your views and opinions on the ruling and will respond to every submission.

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On a more sombre note, the Planning Inspector decided to ‘allow’ Justin Claybourne’s appeal against the refusal of his planning application on the ‘eastern- annexe’ of the Henry Jenkins. This means that he has now been given permission to develop that part of the site for residential use.

This is an unexpected turn of events, as we felt that a very strong case was presented by the HJCP which also seemed to have the support of the HBC Planning Officer who was in attendance. This decision is rendered even more inexplicable by contradictory statements by the Inspector within her report but there is no appeal and we must accept her conclusions and move on. A copy of her decision will be uploaded to this website.

Obviously, this is a severe blow to all of our aspirations to preserve a long-valued, atmospheric and traditional social centre within our community. David Fielder has reaffirmed that the ‘western’ section of the Henry Jenkins is still available for sale as a community asset and it appears that the Inspector regarded this a sufficient safeguard for Parish facilities. Of course, this remains an open question.

A meeting of the Management Team has been arranged. Shortly after this, full facts and all details will be provided in the January eNewsletter, so our membership can decide on the future direction of our campaign. This must be done by the end of January. Time stands still for no man, even if we are in a lockdown!

Please feel free to contact HJCPLtd@gmail.com directly, with any specific questions about the current situation.



Notwithstanding that restrictions are continuing to bite as Covid-19 continues to spread and we find ourselves unable to mix with friends and family as we would like, the Management Team wish every HJCP member a very Happy New Year.

The arrival of the vaccines gives us all fresh hope that, as the warmer weather approaches, we may all get our normal lives back on track. Time to be strong, to stay healthy and safe. So, having batted 2020 into the past, here’s to a better and brighter 2021!


The Henry Jenkins Facebook Q & A!

Have you visited our Facebook Page recently? The ‘Henry Jenkins Community pub’?

On the 9th December 2020 we launched (Trumpets and Drum Roll!…) the Henry Jenkins Q & A Sessions.

Initially the Q’s and the A’s will be presented by the HJCP but it is hoped that residents and visitors will feel free to start contributing questions of their own. Every question submitted will be answered in full by the Management Team.

We want our entire campaign to be as transparent as possible and feel this will be a much more efficient and user-friendly way of providing information about our aims and ambitions than any amount of leaflets and posters. It will also be a vehicle to counteract the misinformation and speculation which is ‘out there’ when people are not in full possession of the true facts.

Please do submit questions and ideas of your own.



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Shares Target Smashed!

On the 19th October the HJCP Ltd achieved their Community Shares sales total of £230,000!

Well done to all our friends and supporters! perhaps the launch of our Associate Membership scheme on the 8th October gave us that little additional impetus to push us over the line?

The latest total, as on the 1st December 2020 is now a glorious £236,500.00!

The Share Issue will remain open and we will continue to sell Community Shares and recruit new members. We may have covered the cost of our intended purchase of the Henry Jenkins but any additional funds will go towards the repair and refurbishment of the property, thus reducing the amounts we require from grants and loans.

One more time – Well Done! (But let’s keep on pushin’!)


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