More than 50 objections lodged against Planning Application

More than 50 people have so far lodged formal objections to plans for the demolition of the Henry Jenkins and redevelopment of the site with housing.

To help raise public awareness, volunteers have this week begun distributing leaflets to hundreds of households in and around Kirkby Malzeard, Laverton and Dallowgill. Residents are being urged to register their comments before the demolition application goes to Harrogate Borough council’s Planning Committee.

Those who have objected so far highlight the fact that the pub has been allowed to deteriorate by the present owner – and doubts about whether he had any intention of selling it as a pub. There is also now indisputable evidence that at least two prospective buyers with genuine plans to invest in the revitalisation of the Henry Jenkins have been put off. In one case an offer that was substantially above the advertised asking price was still refused.

Those wishing to object can do so online by visiting Click on “Find a Planning Application,” then the red “Public Access” button. Enter “Henry Jenkins” in the search box. Click on the planning application and then “Comments.” You will need to register your address and email.

Alternatively you can send an email, giving your full name, address and postcode, to Or you can write to Planning Department, Harrogate Borough Council, Crescent Gardens, Harrogate, HG1 2SG.

You can also sign the petition on display in the Butchers Shop, Kirkby Motors and the village shop.

Here is a selection of some of the objectors’ comments made so far:

“With us being an AONB, I believe the appearance of the Main Street should be kept as it is and that the Henry Jenkins should be used for the community and not for personal gain.”

“The Henry Jenkins is one of the oldest buildings in the village and part of its cultural and historical heritage. Without it the village will be poorer.”

“This building, of great significance for years to the residents of Kirkby Malzeard, has been deliberately deteriorated for the purposes of profit with no consideration of its worth to the village.”

“This development would mean the permanent loss of a community amenity in the centre of the village. The pub was once run successfully but the current owner appears to have decided to run it down”

“The potential options for use of the pub for community use, potential village income from tourists and generally encourage the community are great and have not been fully explored.”

“We cannot permit a precedent to be set within this AONB to allow the decline of a historically valued building, purely for the financial gain it may proffer once demolished.”

“There has been a lot of interest in retaining the existing building for public use. However this appears to be constantly rejected for short term gain and long term loss of an important village resource.”

“The Henry Jenkins was, and could be again, a great asset to the village. As a mother of young children, I’d love to see it brought back into use as a family pub.”