Crown Inn Grewelthorpe accepts offer from private buyer and not community group

“Friends of The Crown” announced that Admiral Taverns have accepted an offer for The Crown Inn from a private bidder and not the offer made by the community association.

The bidder has informed Admiral it intends to reopen the pub shortly after completion of the sale.

The Friends Of The Crown will pause their efforts but will not stop altogether until the completion of the sale has been confirmed. They feel the work of the last few months has not been wasted in that, should this situation arise again in the future, they now have the knowledge and experience to react quickly.

This does show the severe limitations of the ACV (Asset of Community Value) in that the owner of the Pub that has an ACV can simply wait to the end of the period the community group is allowed to make an offer and then put it on the open market. 

The Friends Of The Crown is a company limited by guarantee and run by six directors who are local to Grewelthorpe.

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