3rd Nov 2023 – New Final Submission Date for Objections Confirmed

After some confusion as to the final submission dates, HBC (now NYC) have confirmed that it is now set as 3rd November 2023.

HJCP sent a number of questions to the Council about the delay in posting up the Green Notices by the building; why planning tracking requests were not activated and why neighbours were not contacted – all reasons why confusion reigned as to the final submission date for objections on the website.

The council responded by stating that the date interested residents should take note of is the one on the Green Notices – 3rd November.

At the time of writing, on the Planning Portal, there are 74 letters of objection set against 2 in support.

This extension now allows us to push on and increase our total. This will indicate, to the council, the strength of local public opinion. 

So, if you have not forwarded your objection yet – please do so now!

The reference is: ZC23/03121/FUL

Follow this link :

or scan the QR code below

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A few Points to consider (but best to use your own words)

  • This is part of long-term strategy by the owner (Mr Fielder) and his business associate (Mr Claybourn) to divide the pub and sabotage plans for a community buyout
  • If this application were granted, it’s hard to see how the Jenks could function again as a pub with a large part of the beer garden/ car park taken up as a holiday cottage. 

If this application were granted, it would be impossible for staff, customers or delivery vehicles to access the rear of the building. 

Rejuvenation of the Jenks as a community-owned pub would provide a greater choice of facilities in this fast expanding village and help other local business – eg  shops, b&bs, camp sites etc 

  • A community-owned Henry Jenkins pub, bistro and coffee shop would help attract sustainable tourism from walkers and cyclists. It is part of wider plans being discussed for the economic regeneration of rural areas around Ripon
  • A community-owned Henry Jenkins could support youth initiatives, help combat rural isolation and help build community spirit